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Paint or Vinyl Wrap for Racing Stripes?

racing stripes

If you want the sporty look of a racing stripe is it better to have it painted on or to have a vinyl wrap installed?

When choosing vehicle lettering and racing stripes for your car, you can choose from many different paint and vinyl wrap options. While each have their own pros and cons, vinyl wrap can give you a surprising amount of longevity and durability. So, should you choose paint or vinyl wrap for your vehicle lettering and racing stripes?

Paint it On

Painted vehicle lettering or racing stripes are typically done at a professional auto body or paint shop. The cost can range from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars depending on the shop and the options you chose. The stripes are painted using lines of tape. The area of the stripes will be painted and once it dries, the tape is peeled up to reveal the stripes. Afterwards, the area will be sanded, finished, and coated for longevity. These stripes typically last as long as the paint on your car does, but they cannot be altered or removed easily once they are there. If the stripes are not done evenly, in a straight line, or in the way that you wanted them to be done, you cannot easily fix them without removing the original paint on your car as well.

Wrap it Up

Vinyl vehicle lettering and racing stripes are much more cost-effective and allow you a lot of flexibility. Once professionally applied by Brand It Wrap It, the racing stripes look the same as painted stripes. As long as you properly care for the vinyl, it will last for years. You can also choose from a huge variety of colors and metallics to set your car apart from the crowd. If you want to replace or remove your stripes, instead of needing to damage your car to do so, the vinyl can easily be removed and leave your car looking brand new.

Racing Stripes and Vehicle Lettering from Brand It Wrap It

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