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The Importance of Color in Car Wrap Advertising

The Importance of Color in Car Wrap Advertising

Colors evoke emotion and improve brand recognition.

The importance of color applies to all advertising, including car wrap advertising. Colors evoke emotion and improve brand recognition. Therefore, when selecting your vinyl wraps or commercial graphics, you must be careful about your chosen colors. When selecting a solid versus gradient color scheme in car wrap advertising, here is what to consider.

Your Budget When Choosing a Color in Car Wrap Advertising

The cost of using solids is cost-effective compared to gradients because it requires more vinyl to produce gradients. Additionally, gradients take longer to create and install on the vehicle. 

Graphic Size

Gradient vinyl wraps take up more space on a vehicle and most likely require a cut-off at the panel seams or edges. Also, they need more material for production and installation. Therefore, these vinyl wraps are better for large areas. 

Resolution, Reflection, and Distortion 

If you want high-resolution graphics, a solid color palette is better. Gradients will face pixelation in large areas. Additionally, a vehicle’s reflective properties are also another consideration. A glossy white truck might reflect the sky and surrounding colors into a person’s eyes. As a result, the lettering could be challenging to see. Also, curved surfaces can create a visual distortion that negatively impacts readability. 

Another thing to think about is your drivers. For example, your company has black or navy blue trucks that absorb more light than a lightly-colored vehicle. Dark vehicles retain heat inside the car or truck, making it warmer for drivers on hot days. Consider light text or graphics to combat this. 

A Note About Logos

The shape of your vehicle impacts how people view your graphics. For example, if your logo sits on a circle or square, you can place it on the sides of a truck. However, the logo might not appear the same if you put it on a logo. Additionally, if you have a logo coinciding with your brand or business, check how it appears when placed on vehicle graphics. Sometimes the vision you planned doesn’t always translate well to vehicle graphics. A picture could be too complicated for vehicle graphics and might require simplification. 

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