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Why Is My Vinyl Wrap Peeling?

Why Is My Vinyl Wrap Peeling? brand it wrap it

Working with the right car wrap installer is essential, but you might notice your vinyl wraps are starting to peel.

New car wraps are an investment, so it only makes sense that you’d want to keep yours in good condition for as long as possible. Working with the right car wrap installer is one piece of the puzzle, but you might still notice that your vinyl wraps are starting to peel. What are some of the reasons why this happens, and how can you avoid peeling in the future? 

Proper Preparation

An experienced car wrap installer will take time to carefully prepare the vehicle’s surface before applying any car wraps. If this is not done, there can be major issues with peeling later down the road. Flaws like dents in the body of the car, scratches, dust, debris, and residue from the road can all prevent a smooth and seamless application. 

Forgetting to Inform the Installers

When installing vinyl wraps, your car wrap installer needs to know anything of note that you’ve done to your car. Did you wax your car in the past week so there is a wax coating on it? Did you recently touch up the paint on your door? Recent waxing or painting within the last 30 days can lead to peeling, and your installer will likely want to reschedule your appointment to ensure that you are happy with the results.

Going to the Carwash

Handwashing your vehicle is the only way to gently and thoroughly clean your car wraps and vinyl wraps. If you go to a commercial car wash with the wrap on your vehicle, there is a high probability that the pressure of the water and the harsh soaps used will degrade the material and lead to peeling. If you do need to go to a car wash for some reason, choose one that offers hand washing and clearly communicate that you have a car wrap, even if you think it is obvious.

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