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How to Keep Your Car Wrap from Fading

How to Keep Your Car Wrap from Fading brand it wrap it

As time passes, your car wrap can become susceptible to fading and deterioration.

Your vinyl wrap is an excellent and effective marketing tool for your business. You boost brand awareness by driving around the community. People walking by will see and make a note of your vehicle and may visit your business later. But if you don’t care for your car wrap, you will not get all of the value out of it. As time passes, your car wrap can become susceptible to fading and deterioration. Here are some tips to prevent your car wrap from fading.

Park in the Shade

With enough exposure to the sun, your vinyl wrap may lose its coloring and fade beyond usability. Parking in a shady area, such as a garage, carport, or under a tarp will help protect your wrap from exposure to the elements. While parking in a covered area is beneficial, be sure not to park illegally or compromise your safety.

Clean Your Car Properly

The best way to keep your car wrap looking clean and new is to hand wash your vehicle at least every other week. It is not recommended to use wax products on your matte or textured car wraps. You should only use a manufacturer suggested car wash solution for your wrapped car. 

To keep your car clean between washes, immediately wipe and rinse off any spilled fuel to prevent the wrap from deteriorating. Avoid using abrasive brushes and scrubbing tools, as these can cause fading and other problems with your car wrap. Spot clean difficult stains as soon as possible to keep your car looking like new.

Remove Damaged Parts Immediately

If the graphics on your vinyl car wrap begin to fade or turn a different color, they need to be immediately removed from the vehicle to avoid staining the paint underneath. Generally, any damage or discoloration of the graphics should be repaired by a trusted wrap installer. Replacing the damaged area as soon as possible will help prevent you from replacing the entire wrap.

Choose a Qualified Wrap Installer

A professional and qualified installer will be able to make sure that your wrap is installed perfectly and looks great the first time. It may look like a simple job, but it could spell disaster and lead to unnecessary fading over time without proper training.

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