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Outdoor Display Ideas For Your Next Trade Show

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Consider investing in floor or interior graphics for your business!

Trade shows are a great place to make connections with other business owners, potential customers, and increase the reputation of your brand. Instead of the boring and stale trade show booths of the past, today’s trade show attendees want to experience your product and see dynamic signs and graphics that grab their attention. Here are some simple outdoor display ideas to get immediate attention and interest at your next trade show.

Canopies Or Tents

Canopies and tents are ubiquitous forms of signage at outdoor trade shows. They offer shade to the employees who will be staffing the booth and also allow attendees to see who you are from a distance. This is especially valuable if you have a giveaway or contest running that you advertised to attendees. They will be able to spot your tent easily and know your location. Even better, signs like canopies and tents are designed to be lightweight and easy to transport. They are ideal for outdoor use and easy to pack up when it’s time to leave.

Cement Or Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are popular in businesses throughout the country, but did you know that they can also be temporarily used at trade shows? Wall graphics, floor graphics, and window graphics are all great ways to draw immediate attention and let customers know where you are located. At the conclusion of the trade show, you can quickly remove your graphics and leave the floor as good as new.

Printed Fans

Printed fans are a fun form of signage that attendees at free trade show love. They allow people to feel more comfortable while they are walking around and browsing and also serve as advertising for your company. You can get creative with these signs and design them with a silly graphic or catchy promotional message to boost their impact even more.

Signs And Graphics From Brand It Wrap It

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