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How to Juggle Multiple Brands at Once

managing multiple brands

What might look like the hardest part of managing multiple brands is actually an opportunity.

Some businesses grow to the point where they may have specific brands for different products in the same business and keeping them from becoming competitors becomes a problem. A classic example would be a hotel chain with multiple locations that cater to specific clientele. Let’s use this example as a way to look at effective strategies for managing multiple brands at once.

Different Brand, Same Company

  • High-end Weekend Getaway: Imagine the big hotels in vacation hot spots that attract patrons for weekend holidays. You’re probably picturing big highrise buildings with spectacular views and luxury amenities.
  • Long-term Business Basecamp: In some professions employees need to take extended stays to work with other branches or business partners located not so close to home. This type of hotel provides all the necessities someone needs to live and work away from home, without being too flashy.


The goal is to keep your brands separate. Whatever separates your products and their audiences are the things you need to use to your advantage. In our example of the two hotels within the same chain, the differences are the amenities they offer and the customer base they are trying to reach. The best way to distinguish your brands is through commercial graphics and branding. Having a different look and feel for each of your brands will help distinguish them as separate entities in the minds of your customers. Each hotel’s commercial graphics should be true to what they offer. Something flashy and extravagant for the high-end hotel, and something more homey and business-like for the long term stay hotel.  

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