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What to Include in Your Commercial Graphics

Store window commercial graphics

There’s some information you just have to include in your commercial graphics.

Commercial graphics can mean the difference between everyone knowing about your business and blending right into the background. Here are some of the top things to include in your commercial graphics.

Commercial Graphics 101

Commercial graphics can include a huge range of marketing materials that you use to get your name out there, including:

  • Property or storefront signs that show your location to anyone walking or driving by
  • Lawn signs used to advertise (especially if you are a home contractor)
  • Marketing banners inside or outside of your store to display your name, a sale, or a special product
  • Panel signs are typically used outside of businesses that are tricky to find to help people navigate their way
  • Vinyl lettering can be used on everything from a vehicle to a boat to display a promotional message

What Should Be Included?

If you have a great lawn sign but leave off crucial information, you will lose leads without ever realizing it. Make sure that you include all of the following in your commercial graphics:

  • Phone number—This sounds very obvious, but countless business owners leave this off and wonder where the calls are
  • Your address—This is appropriate for retail locations hoping to let everyone know where they are, especially if you moved recently
  • An offer or call to action—This gives the customer the “why” of why they should go to your business. Is there a sign-only offer you want to give? What makes your store so special?
  • Website URL—Now that people carry their smartphones everywhere, they are more interested in seeing your website before they ever visit your business. Make sure that your website is up to date and attractive and that it lists important information like hours.

Commercial Graphics for Your Business

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