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Design Principles for Everyone

When you have fleet wraps or commercial graphics created for your business you can usually rely on a designer to come up with something interesting and appealing. That is what they do, after all. Since this service directly affects your business and how customers will come to think of it, you should have a base of knowledge to be able to discuss designs and concepts when working with a designer.  


Color is vital, especially for things like fleet wraps and interior wall graphics. The right color scheme will both attract attention and say something about your company. Do you own a nice, quiet up-scale restaurant? Muted and cool colors will give off a calmer feeling, inviting patrons to come in and relax. Trying to get more members into your gym? Strong, brighter colors will pop out and get the heart pumping.


The right type, also known as font, can sometimes say more about your company than the actual words. You want a type that fits with your business, but you don’t want to sacrifice readability. Your graphics can look great, but if no one can read them it won’t be effective.

Proportion and Symmetry

You’ve probably seen advertisements before and thought something just wasn’t right about it. Maybe one side had too much text and the other side was blank, or the photo was too big for the the text. Proportion and symmetry are sometimes hard to pin down as the problem, but you can just tell when something’s not right. Try and think about how the different parts work together and relate to each other.

Brand It Wrap It

Brand It Wrap It, Custom Signs and Vehicle Graphics is a full-service sign and wrap company committed to providing high quality affordable indoor/outdoor custom signage and vehicle graphic solutions to businesses of all sizes in Rockville, Maryland, Virginia, the Washington DC Metro community and nationwide.

Exceptional customer service, the latest technology, attention to detail, quality products, competitive pricing has proven to be our greatest asset.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and produce effective custom signage that helps you promote your company’s image, attracts new customers, delivers your message, and gives your corporate image a creative edge.

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