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Improve the Appearance of Your Storefront with Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering gives any storefront a nice, clean look!

If you’re looking for a way to set your storefront apart from the rest and add some flair to your branding, vinyl lettering may be the perfect addition to your business. Since vinyl lettering is versatile, inexpensive, and highly customizable, you can easily find the right lettering to fit your style and budget. Here are just a few ways that vinyl lettering could enhance the look of your storefront.


One of the simplest ways to utilize vinyl lettering is to display your business’s name and logo. Featuring your logo on doors or windows will not only help communicate your brand to existing and potential customers, it will allow you to better express your business’s style and stand out to passersby.

Informative Lettering

Vinyl lettering can also be highly functional. By including information like business hours, phone numbers, and social media URLs, you can communicate your business better to customers. With information like the hours of operation right on the storefront, customers can make plans to visit your store when it’s convenient for them, and if you have your social media profiles there in vinyl lettering, customers can follow your business right then and there.

Spot Graphics

Simply put, a spot graphic combines an image and lettering. With lettering placed directly over images, you can better brand your business, communicate important information to customers, and improve the look of your storefront through spot graphics of just about any size. These graphics can be placed on a variety of materials as well, including windows, doors, and walls, making them extremely versatile tools for your branding. Stickers fall under this category, and they make a great item to give away to customers to promote your business.

Stylized Graphics

Beyond logos, you can also use vinyl lettering to add colorful, stylized graphic images to your storefront. You can really make a statement on your storefront with vinyl lettering whether it has to do with your business’s style, attitude, or even advertising. Graphics can be functional, too–you can advertise promotions and sales easily by adding vinyl lettering to your storefront graphics.


Window Wraps

Don’t worry about losing window light with vinyl lettering on your storefront–with window wraps, made with perforated vinyl, you can put grand designs and lettering across multiple windows and doors. These graphics can cover as much window space as you desire, making for stylish promotional statements and eye-catching branding, while leaving windows perfectly functional. Due to the perforations in the vinyl, customers and employees inside your store can still see out the windows.

Wall Wraps

Vinyl lettering and graphics aren’t just for windows. Wall wraps can help you transform exterior or interior walls with branding, promotional materials, or even scenery that will totally change the look of your business. A pet store can take on a vivid safari scene, a spa can take on a relaxing beach atmosphere, and so much more–the possibilities with vinyl lettering are endless.

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