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A Guide to Designing Business Signage for Small Businesses

Signage comes in all different forms and is a great way to attract people to your business!

Digital marketing may be making huge strides in the world of small business, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore your physical signs. There are a lot of reasons to invest in a physical sign for your business, chief among them being visibility. Even with a well funded, diligent marketing team, there is nothing that can attract local consumers to your business like beautiful signage. 

The Importance of Physical Signs

Not only does good business signage help passerby know where you are and allow for the chance of walk-ins, but it helps those who’ve researched you as well. Unless your storefront is on a slow street, by itself, on a nearly empty road, it’s possible for customers to drive past your store without identifying it if you don’t have a sign. If your business isn’t clearly visible from the road signs are even more critical. Not to mention, not everyone who might use your business will see your online marketing, which is why signage is so crucial for promoting walk-ins.  

The Design Process

Now that you’re clear on the importance of signs we can move on to design. Finding the perfect sign design can take a little bit of time. There are several things to consider such as fonts, colors, and graphic design. In general, it’s best to err on the side of caution, go for models that will stay classic rather than trendy. Consider the fonts you use carefully, as fonts such as Comic Sans were once popular and had developed a bad reputation, especially in marketing. Additionally, you’ll want to consider size, colors, materials, and your contrast levels.


How you use your new business signage can directly relate to its effectiveness. Before you have it installed take time to consider a few key things; will it need lighting, will it be visible from both sides, and are there any blind spots? Make sure to run a few test placements before you permanently install your beautiful new sign.

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