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How to Use Window Graphics to Enhance Your Storefront

How to Use Window Graphics to Enhance Your Storefront brand it wrap it

Custom window graphics are a great way to enhance the front of a building with glass-friendly business signs.

Nowadays, it seems everyone is looking for the best way to market their business and get new eyes on their brand. While this is nothing surprising, there are many new marketing techniques that spring up daily. One less well-known marketing opportunity you could consider for your storefront is window graphics. Custom window graphics, like floor graphics and door wraps, are a great way to change up or enhance the front of a building with glass-friendly business signs. Often the doors and windows of a building are blank, empty spaces that simply sit there unused. Vinyl graphics are perfect for advertising seasonal or time-sensitive sales or beautifying your storefront. Let’s look at how you can use window graphics to enhance your storefront. 


Types of Window Graphics

Decals are the most common choice for window graphics. These vinyl sheets can be opaque, clear, or perforated ( so that they look opaque from one side, but you can see through them on the other) and can be printed with just lettering, lettering, and graphics, or a full-size image. Two other popular choices are static cling window graphics, which can be easily removed and reapplied, and cut vinyl, where instead of a large solid sheet, you have letters or shapes cut out of the vinyl.

Design Choices

When planning the design of your window graphics, keep in mind that your design choices matter. Things like the fonts and colors that you choose should be consistent with your brand, but also have good visibility. For instance, if you’re installing a clear vinyl graphic with white lettering, it doesn’t work well in front of a white and off-white display (because it will washout the text). 


Finally, the intention of the sign can play a part in how you use these window graphics. If you are using them to advertise seasonal signs, they might include seasonal imagery, and then you’re likely to be swapping them out regularly (and perhaps reusing them year-to-year). If you don’t have sales, your window graphics could be designed to intrigue people and draw them inside a business they may know nothing about. Achieve this with unique art, bold use of color and eye-catching design. Finally, window graphics could be purely informational, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Use on-brand color and fonts and your logo to make the important information on your windows a little more pleasant to look at.

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