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Helpful Guide To Choosing The Best Vehicle Graphics

vehicle graphics

It’s easier than ever to promote your business with vehicle graphics!

The right vehicle graphics will set your personal vehicle, commercial vehicle, or fleet apart from everyone else on the road. Regardless of the reason why you are investing in new vehicle graphics, you can rest assured that partnering with Brand It Wrap It is the best way to get phenomenal quality at a great price. Here are some of our best tips for choosing the best vehicle graphics for your car or truck.

A Vehicle Wrap

Think of your vehicle wrap like a big sticker designed to perfectly fit your vehicle. Vehicle wraps are designed and printed using big, large-format printers for high resolution and high-quality detail. The stickers are then laminated to keep out the effects of sunlight, weather, fading, and wear and tear. Next, the vehicle wrap will be applied to your vehicle. The material is designed to perfectly conform to the shape of your car so that it feels and looks like a new coat of paint, not something loosely attached to the surface. This type of vehicle graphic can be removed simply without any damage to your vehicle or residue left behind. In many instances, vehicle wraps are actually used on leased vehicles without any issue.

Rear Window Vehicle Graphics

This type of vehicle graphic is custom designed and printed using a large-format printer on sticky vinyl. The vinyl is designed with small holes throughout to allow for visibility while you drive, but they still produce an image that looks solid and matte from the outside. This type of vehicle graphic is typically restricted to the rear window, but state and local regulations where you live may vary.

Magnetic Vehicle Signs

These are some of the most affordable vehicle graphics options and they can be placed anywhere on your vehicle, but are typically put on the driver or passenger doors. Magnetic vehicle signs are great vehicle graphics for people who use their vehicle for both business and personal use since they can be easily detached and replaced when you are on or off the clock.

Vehicle Graphics From Brand It Wrap It

If you are looking for a cool custom way to decorate your vehicle or advertise your business, make sure to check out Brand It, Wrap It, Custom Signs and Vehicle Graphics. We are a full-service sign and wrap company that provides excellent quality signage for businesses both big and small throughout the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. metro area. We provide awesome customer service, use the best and latest sign printing technology, and pride ourselves on our attention to detail. To see how we can help your business shine, give us a call at 301-838-9727 or visit us online for an estimate. For more tips and articles like this, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Pinterest, and Instagram.

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