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The Differences Among Vehicle Wraps And How To Choose Which Is Best For You

vehicle wraps

Choosing the perfect vehicle wrap for your business is easier than you think!

While vehicle wraps are all a fantastic investment in your brand, there are several different types to choose from depending on what your needs are. The two most common types are a partial wrap and full wrap. Here are the core differences between the two and how to choose the right vehicle wraps for you!

Full Wrap Vehicle Wraps

These totally cover the surface of your vehicle with a sleek vinyl that will not crack or bubble. Full wraps are designed to perfectly match the exterior of your vehicle and last for many years, as long as they are properly maintained. Full wraps can be manufactured in a range of colors and styles including brushed metal, carbon fiber, high-gloss colors, and matte colors.

Partial Wrap Vehicle Wraps

Instead of covering your vehicle from head to toe, these vehicle wraps cover between 25%-75% of your car. They cost less than full wraps and can be just as effective as long as they are properly designed. Partial wraps can leave your windows or doors free and center on other parts of the car for maximum impact.

Making the Right Choice

Full wrap and partial wrap vehicle wraps are great choices for businesses, regardless of industry. If you have a smaller budget or want to put your wrap on a small fleet of vehicles instead of just one car, partial wrap might be a better choice. However, if you want maximum eye-catching impact that potential customers will notice from a mile away, full wrap vehicle wraps are the best choice. If you choose to go with a partial wrap initially, you can always upgrade to a full wrap in the future.

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps for Your Business

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