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Design Tips for Business Window Graphics

If you own a business storefront, you might have some blank windows that have the potential for great advertising. But the question is, what type of window graphics will do the best job, and what should they look like? Whether or not you have already designed a logo for your business, here are some tips to help you create a window graphic that will look great on your storefront.

Start Simple

When it comes to designing anything for advertising the number one rule is to keep it simple. Any time you have a busy or complicated pattern, it will confuse customers more than invite them in. When you are designing a logo for the first time, think of what types of images and colors will best represent your company. It’s a good idea to bring all of your ideas to a graphic designer who can then help you edit it down to what will deliver a clear and concise message. Especially for window graphics, the idea is that the design should call attention to itself in a good way, without distracting from anything else important.

Contrast the Competition

Another important step in design is research, and in this case it’s time for you to research your competition. Take a short walk or drive past the storefronts of your competitors. Do you notice anything that you like? For the stores that are doing well or not so well, what seems to be working and what seems to be holding them back? For example, you might notice that a particular storefront has an appealing mascot in their design, or a struggling business has hard-to-read text. All of this information will help you design the best window graphic to stay ahead of your competition.

Big Picture

Of course, designing a logo isn’t just limited to your window graphics. You will want to think of how your logo will apply to other mediums. Whether that is online for your website, or to something as simple as paper flyers. On the other hand, if you have an existing logo, you might have to think about how to adjust it to fit your window graphics. For example, if you like to incorporate transparency into your logo to interact with the window, then you might have to put a background on your text to make it more visible.

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