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Design Your Banner Stand with These Tips

When you have a banner stand that perfectly captures your company’s look and message, you can easily draw customers in.

Trade shows and business events wouldn’t be the same without banner stands. When you have a banner stand that perfectly captures your company’s look and message, you can easily draw customers in. Take a look at these tips when you are ready to design your own business banner stand.

Start with Templates

It can be overwhelming to figure out where to start when you design a banner stand. Rather than starting from scratch, there are a variety of templates that you can find which will give you and idea of what might look good for your banner stand. Templates will help you figure out what space you have to work with for different elements of your banner stand, from text to images. Using a template will help you make sure that everything you want on your banner stand will fit in the correct proportions.

Easy to Read

Depending on the type of business, it can be tempting to go with a fancy look for your banner stand design. However the rule of thumb is that simple is always better. Instead of cursive-style fonts, it’s easier to read plain straight ones in a bold and eye-catching type. Typically in an event setting, such as a trade show, customers have a lot of information coming at them at the same time. If the message on your banner stand takes more than three seconds to read or understand then most people will pass it by.

Signature Image

The most important thing for branding your business across the board is to develop a logo. Once you have the perfect logo design for your business it’s simple to incorporate it into your banner stand. But even if you don’t have a fully developed logo yet, you should always consider adding at least one image to your banner. Remember that having just a couple contrasting colors is better than going crazy with too much that could distract from your company 

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