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Creative Uses for Interior Graphics

Creative Uses for Interior Graphics brand it wrap it

Interior graphics are a brilliant form of business advertising.

Except for retail, most businesses are failing to use one of their best advertising locations – their own walls. We are all used to seeing wall graphics in retail stores: advertisements for sales, directional signs, and labels for different areas. These same sorts of graphics can be used in almost any business. Interior graphics are a brilliant form of business advertising. The secret is to adapt your commercial graphics to fit your industry, customers, and needs. Let’s explore creative uses for interior graphics that could benefit your business and get those creative processes going!


The walls are an exceptionally underutilized part of most buildings, and wall wraps are just one way to use them. Walls can be covered partially with decals of directional info or logos or completely with wraps to make a stunning statement wall. Murals or large photographs (remember to use high-res imagery) can cover the whole wall with or without text and logos. Using large-scale environmental photography can be an exciting way to create the illusion of seeing the outside in a full interior space as well. Alternatively, you could add the text to the plain wall. Using interior graphics on the walls is an interesting alternative to traditional signage.


Another underutilized surface is the floor. While it is true that most often, floor graphics are seen in stadiums and similar venues providing directional information, there are other uses. Floor graphics can offer direction in any environment and are now commonly used to encourage people to leave space between them in line by showing where the 6-foot mark would be. Another interesting idea for floor graphics is to use them to relay interesting information to people waiting in a waiting room (and give them something to look at).


Finally, the most common use of window graphics for advertising is to put them on the outside and draw people in. however, you can also use the windows to hold interior graphics and have them do double-duty of also blocking harsh sunlight or providing privacy to an area. These graphics could include anything from ads to directional signage.

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