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5 Types of Outdoor Business Signage

A backlit sign is a fun form of outdoor business signage that allows you to advertise your business day and night!

When it comes to advertising your business, the options and possibilities are endless. Having a variety of options is great, but can also be very overwhelming when trying to make final decisions. One aspect of advertising is signage, which is an important part of gaining business exposure. If you are trying to figure out which type of sign to put outside of your business, here are five types of outdoor business signage to help make your decision easier.

A-Frame Signs

These signs are great to set up outside of your business so that everyone walking past can see. They get their name from the “A” shape that they take on when they are placed on the ground. This option is very inexpensive and also easy to notice. However, it can be hard to read the sign from a distance because they are smaller and sit on the ground.

Backlit Sign

This type of outdoor business signage will actually get mounted onto your building versus being free standing like the A-frame signs. Having a back-lit sign with your business name on it allows you to advertise during the day and at night. Location is really important when it comes to backlit signs because you don’t want them to be overpowered by other signs.


Banners are can be used as indoor or outdoor business signage, giving them a little more versatility than the first two options. They are great for businesses who want to get creative with designs and graphics because they can be customized and made to any size. However, banners aren’t meant for long term use and can be a pain to put up and take down.

Electronic Signs

In this age of technology, everything is becoming electronic and digital. Upgrade your outdoor business signage with an electronic sign that can be programmed and personalized. You can incorporate multiple messages onto it that will automatically rotate. These signs can be pretty pricey and require a lot of maintenance. The cold weather also decreases the lifespan of electronic signs.

Window Graphics

This form of outdoor business signage is great to use for specific promotions. Window graphics offer you more space to add pictures and other things that wouldn’t fit on some other types of signs. Window graphics can be completely customized to reflect the style and values of your business. These graphics can be difficult to install and they also block out the sun.

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