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4 Ways To Make Your Business Signage Stand Out

Business signage is a great advertising tool, but only if people actually notice it!

Signage is a great advertising tool and can be used as a permanent advertisement outside of your place of business or for your next big event. Signage is becoming more and more popular as way for people to attract consumers to their business, which means the competition is tough. Here are four ways to make your business signage stand out from the rest.

Be Bold

You want the design for your business signage to be unique and bold so that it stands out, but not so that it’s too overwhelming. Even a simple brand image can stand out if you invest in a quality design with something like vinyl lettering or color pops. If your signage is appealing to the eye, it is bound to attract attention.

Observe Your Surroundings

You want to know about the local competition that you have. If you live in a very urban area with a lot of businesses around you, you want to work a little harder to ensure that your signage will stand out. If you live in a quiet suburbs and are really the only business that offers your services in the area, it might not require as much. You want your signage to reflect the area that you live in and appeal to your target audience.

Short And Sweet

If there are too many words present on your business signage, people are not likely to read all of it. A lot of people notice signage as they are walking or driving past, which does not give them a lot of time to read it. Therefore, make sure any text on your signs are short, sweet, and straight to the point.

Placement Is Essential

The placement of your signage is equally as important as the design of it. If you put your signage somewhere where no one can see it, then it serves no purpose. If there are a lot of structures blocking your building, you might want to place your signage higher rather than on ground level. You should also consider which way the sun is facing because the glare can make it hard for people to see.


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