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3 Varieties of Business Signage

Here are three of the main varieties of signage that you can utilize for your business.

One of the best resources for your business is excellent signage. But you might not know about the several different types of signs and graphics you have to choose from. Here are three of the main varieties of signage that you can utilize for your business.

Informational Signage

Informational signage works to give specific directions or instructions to visitors of your building so that their experience is easier to navigate through your business. Usually, you will see informational signage in the form of directional and wayfinding signs, such as those pointing out the direction to different departments. Informational signage is great for businesses with large buildings where people might get lost if they aren’t familiar with the layout.

Persuasive Signage

A great option that no business can thrive without is the persuasive sign. You will be familiar with persuasive signage as add and promotions. The whole idea between persuasive signage is to give your customers a call to action and to encourage them to further engage with your business. Persuasive signage could advertise a specific sale or promotion, or it could point out your social media contact information.

Outdoor Signage

Lastly, outdoor signage could be any version of informational or persuasive signage. But the main goal behind outdoor signage is to let passersby know that you are here and to encourage potential customers to come inside. Outdoor signage can hold the name and logo of your company, or a promotional offer, anything you like. Even if you aren’t physically open at your storefront location, outdoor signage could be a good way to refer customers to do business with you online.

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