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3 Tips To Make Your Vehicle Lettering Stand Out From The Rest

You want your vehicle lettering to be big, bold, and easy to read!

Mobile advertising is becoming more and more popular. This is because it is an easy, cost-effective way to advertise your business. With majority of the population choosing to drive now, someone is bound to see your advertisement when it’s printed onto your car. However, this means that there is a lot more competition and you have to work harder to get your business to stand out from the rest. Here are three tips to make your vehicle lettering stand out from the rest.


The first thing you should think about when designing your vehicle lettering is what sort of font you want to use. A rule of thumb is to avoid serif fonts (the ones with detailed lines coming from the end of the letters). This is because the end of the letters are prone to peeling more quickly than with other fonts that don’t have those extra pieces on them. As far as design goes, you want to pick a font that is big, bold, and easy to read. If you are investing in a full vehicle wrap with lettering to go along with it, you want your font to compliment the rest of the design.


In order for your vehicle lettering to really stand out, you need to implement the element of contrast. Green letters on a green car is really ineffective because people will have a hard time reading it. Readability is so important with mobile advertising because people generally only have a few seconds to read your advertisement. Black on white is always a good idea, but steer away from putting bright colors on top of other bright colors.


As mentioned before, people tend to only have a few seconds to read your advertisement when they are driving past or stopped behind you at a red light. Even with readable lettering, they still may not have enough time or just simply may not be interested in just words.This is where pictures and logos come into play, giving people something else to look at. Logos tend to be more eye catching than words, so if someone notices a beautifully designed logo, they are more inclined to read the vehicle lettering.

Vehicle Lettering From Brand It Wrap It

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