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3 Banner Stand Types for Your Event

Here are the three most popular types of banner stands that you should consider investing in.

Whether you are planning to go to a trade show or are setting up for an open house to bring more customers to your business, you can’t go wrong with banner stands. They are simple to set up and can make any table or storefront pop. Here are the three most popular types of banner stands that you should consider investing in.


The tabletop stand is so named because it is the perfect size for setting up on a table. They’re great for events where your table is the hub of advertising for your company. You can encourage customers to see what your business is about and to sign up for more information. The best part is that with a table top stands telescoping pole you can make it taller and set it on the floor beside your table if you need more room.


This particular stand comes from types knows as tension back, L stands, and X stands. All this refers to the type of frame that holds them in place. While all banner stands are technically portable, the durability of these frames makes them travel very well. The portable banner stands are also great for lining up together if you want to build a larger picture.


Lastly, the retractable banner stand is popular for its versatility. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is considered the standard size for any type of event. Retractable banner stands come with their own compartment that the banner rolls into. This protects it for travel and storage.

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