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Why Vinyl Lettering is Valuable for Your Business

Vinyl Lettering Brand It Wrap It

Vinyl lettering can replace traditional custom signs or be used in conjunction, so they work together.

When you’re thinking about signage and advertising, you probably default to window graphics and banner signs, but vinyl lettering is another way to convey information and support your sales efforts. Vinyl lettering can replace traditional custom signs or be used in conjunction, so they work together. Here are five major benefits to using vinyl lettering to add value to your signage program. 


Vinyl lettering can be cheaper than having a custom sign created, and it can often be reused. This means that you could opt for vinyl lettering to advertise your sales each time you have them during the year, instead of shelling out for a sale-specific sign. Once the sale is over, you can take up the lettering and use it again. 

Space Saving

Vinyl lettering makes use of the space you already have since it is placed on flat surfaces such as the floor, windows, or counters. You won’t have to make space for it or figure out how to hang it, as you would with a large custom banner.

Tons of Options

Vinyl lettering comes in multiple colors, fonts, and finishes so that you have lots of options. You will be able to make something that is in line with both your brand and your budget that works well to suit your advertising goals.

Increased Advertising

If you’ve already got banner signs, vinyl lettering can increase the effectiveness of that advertising without blowing out your budget. When used together, vinyl lettering and custom signage create more impact and attract more attention. Your custom sign won’t get every single eye, but the custom lettering can grab what the sign misses. 


You’re not limited to just letters. Vinyl is an excellent medium for graphics as well. Whether you opt for simple graphics or more complex ones, there will be something that you can use to add even more visual interest to your vinyl lettering and help boost your brand and sales. This is especially true if you run yearly seasonal sales, as the graphic could be seasonal and support the lettering text that could be used year-round.

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