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What Is Reflective Adhesive Vinyl?

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Understanding the benefits of reflective adhesive vinyl is important when considering a vehicle wrap!

With so many exciting vinyl wrap options on the market for your vehicle, it can be hard to choose. One of the most fun and unique options is reflective adhesive vinyl. This cool vinyl wrap material is designed to reflect light, so your vehicle’s wrap could show up beautifully even after the sun sets. What is reflective adhesive vinyl and why is it such a popular vinyl wrap option?

How is It Made?

There are two main types of reflective adhesive vinyl:

  • Retroflective reflective adhesive vinyl has small glass beads to reflect light
  • Prismatic reflective adhesive vinyl has layers of tiny prisms to reflect light

Reflective materials can be used on everything from road signs to your vehicle, depending on the grade of the material and flexibility.

How is It Used?

Reflective adhesive vinyl is typically seen on emergency vehicles like police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, and other types of first responders. It’s also used on stop signs and important road signs to not disappear in the dark. However, reflective adhesive vinyl is growing in popularity for use with vinyl wraps. Think of how your advertising campaign or company logo could really pop off the side of your vehicle in the dark with adhesive vinyl. Get creative and choose one element of your design or logo to be reflective and leave the rest its normal material.

Why is It So Popular?

Reflective adhesive vinyl is so popular because it can be used in so many different industries and meet a wide variety of needs. It’s a great way to get the attention of night-time drivers safely, without flashing lights or annoying graphics. It also helps to keep people on the road safe, whether it’s on the side of an emergency vehicle or on a stop sign.

Vinyl Wraps to Protect Your Vehicle

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