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Can You Wrap a Leased Vehicle?

Can You Wrap a Leased Vehicle? brand it wrap it

Certain car wrap details might not be the best decision for leased vehicles.

When it comes to wrapping a leased vehicle, many people may have concerns and lots of questions — that is to be expected. In fact, if this is the first time you are leasing a vehicle but still interested in wrapping it, knowing the protocols for doing so effectively and efficiently can make a big difference. The reality is, certain car wrap details would work for leased vehicles and others that might not be the best decision. Here are some insights to consider when choosing whether or not to wrap your leased vehicle.

Always Read The Lease Itself

When it comes to a leased vehicle, there is always an agreement that you and the lender must sign— usually the dealership from whom you are leasing the car. In fact, this agreement will spell out precisely what you can and cannot do when it comes to the leased vehicle itself. The reality is, many lease agreements will have a particular clause dedicated to the vehicle wrapping capabilities. Ultimately, having confirmation that you can wrap your car will easily be accomplished just by taking a look at the lease itself.

Do The Graphics Have A Warranty Period?

This is an essential thing you’ll want to ask before getting your vehicle wrapped. In fact, high-quality graphics will usually have a warranty period associated with them — but having that information on hand can really make all the difference when it comes to knowing if your leased vehicle is capable of being wrapped. That being said, vinyl wraps — which are slightly more challenging to take off, might not be the best option for a leased car

Always Request High-Quality Materials

The best thing you can do for any leased car is to use high-quality materials for the wrapping. In fact, the better the quality, the easier it’ll be to remove once the lease is up. At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than trying to return your leased vehicle but violating the agreement itself. 

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