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Can Road Salt Damage a Vehicle Wrap?

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The harshest winter conditions make look tough, but they can’t do much to your vinyl car wrap.

Whether you got a vehicle wrap for Christmas or are just looking to keep your custom vehicle wrap in the best shape possible, the winter season and the impending flood of road salt on the streets can be a little intimidating! Can road salt damage your custom vehicle wrap? What precautions can you take?

First Things First

In short, road salt should not damage your vehicle wrap. Most of the vinyl wraps available use adhesives and materials that resist salts, but depending on the chemicals in the road salts used in your area, you could face a little bit of damage or discoloration. By limiting the amount of road salts and chemicals on your vehicle wrap, you can protect it in the long term.

What Precautions Can You Take?

Remove road salt whenever possible. Check around your undercarriage, wheel wells, and the exterior of your vinyl wrap. Rust is the primary problem that can start on your car from harsh road salts and chemicals, and it will eventually have an effect on your vinyl wrap and not just your car! When you do need to remove snow and ice from your car, don’t use ice scrapers or snow shovels on any part of your car that has a vehicle wrap. These can scratch and damage the graphics. Instead, use a broom or soft cloth to get rid of residue. Think of your vinyl car wrap as paint and treat it the same way that you would paint. In the same vein, make sure that road salt doesn’t get a chance to really accumulate on your vehicle. Salt is very corrosive, especially when combined with other harsh chemicals, so while it might not initially damage your vehicle wrap, leaving large amounts on the surface for extended periods of time is not a good idea.

Protecting Your Custom Vinyl Car Wrap Year Round

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