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vehicle vinyl wraps

Brand It Wrap It has answers for all of your vinyl wrap questions.

Welcome one and all to Brand It Wrap It’s new blog! We are a full-service sign and wrap company that provides high quality indoor/outdoor custom signage and vehicle graphic solutions. This week we are going to focus on wraps. Fleet wraps, color change wraps, chrome wraps, graphic wraps. So many wraps! Not just for your car, wraps can be used as an important marketing tool for your business. On your delivery truck, your service vehicles, your personal car, or the walls and windows of your business, wraps help get your name out to where the customers can see it. Let’s start by going over what vinyl wraps are, how they’re applied, and how they’re removed. Then, we’ll look at the different kind of vinyl wraps we offer here at Brand It Wrap It. We’ll finish up with a couple frequently asked questions about vinyl wraps and what they can do for your business.

Wrap Rundown

Wraps are made from vinyl, a plastic in the same vein as PVC. After meeting with you to talk about design ideas and your business’s image, we start drafting a design. Once the design is approved, we print the design on large sheets of vinyl wrap using the latest technology and highest quality materials. Finally, trained and experienced installers will apply the wrap to your vehicle. Vinyl wraps are weather resistant so you won’t have to worry about the sweltering summers or intense winters this region is known for. If you want to update your company’s look after a few years you’re in luck. Vinyl wraps are surprisingly easy to remove, and don’t leave any gluey residue on your vehicles.

Large Commercial Wraps

If you have a company car or delivery vehicle you have a great opportunity for getting your name out there. A large commercial wrap makes the most out of a vehicle you already have out on the street, where there’s eyes everywhere. Your logo, name, and contact information with a catchy graphic that fits the personality of your business can really help increase your company’s visibility.

Fleet Wraps

Sure, your fleet has you company’s logo on the door, but something like that is easily overlooked. Wrapping your fleet in custom fleet wraps will make them stand out and allow you to show off your company’s creativity and identity in a way a simple logo never could. Your vehicles are already out on the road where they can be seen by huge numbers of people every day. Make the most of that opportunity by making sure those people don’t just see another car on the road. Make sure they see a company that knows how to make the most of an opportunity.

Color Change Wrap

Painting an older car can be expensive and time-consuming. Plus, there’re most likely other things you’d rather spend your money on to improve the car. If so, a color change wrap is exactly what you need to restore your car to its former glory. The wrap goes on right over the paint and won’t leave any residue if you decide to have the wrap removed in the future. This is a great way to rehab a car that may run well but doesn’t look great. It’s also a good option for a new car that you plan on selling in the future, since the wrap will protect the paint from wear and tear, leaving you with a car that looks brand new.

Chrome Wraps

Got an eye for things that shine? Chrome wraps give a totally unique look to your car, and come in a variety of colors. You will definitely stand out with a chrome wrap since most manufacturers do not offer chrome paint off the lot, a chrome wrap gives your car a look that isn’t usually seen on the road.   

Vehicle Lettering

If you don’t want to do a full commercial wrap, vehicle lettering is the way to go. We help you decide on the right design for your vehicle, and our designers know how to help you choose the right color, location, and width. Lettering wraps are more affordable that painted lettering, and take far less time to have done. Vehicle lettering is a great way for car clubs to get together and show their pride, and will last longer and look better than a simple window sticker.

Signs and Graphics

A large part of what we do here at Brand It Wrap It deals with creating and installing commercial graphics for all types of businesses. Commercial graphics can mean a few different things, mainly property signs, marketing banners, panel signs, or vinyl lettering. High-quality commercial graphics shows your business is invested in it’s image and making sure customers walk away with a lasting, positive impression. With so much on the line, only the best materials and the latest technology will do. Our designers want to know your requirements, brand, and target audience before they start designing your commercial graphic.

Brand It Wrap It

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Here are a few common questions about vinyl wraps, and some answers.

Q: Will the wrap damage my paint?

A: Nope. Vinyl wraps actually protect the paint and finish of your car from accidental scratches, keying, or fading from the sun. When you’re ready to remove or replace your wrap, the finish on your car will be the same as it was when it was wrapped.

Q: Won’t there be bubbles in the wrap? Decals always have bubbles.

A: The high-quality vinyl wraps we use have channels that allow air to escape, eliminating bubbles. Our expert installers have the experience to know how to neatly apply a wrap to your vehicle and leave it looking great.

Q: How long will a vinyl wrap last.

A: Wraps last about ten years. After that, you can have the wrap removed and your vehicle will look exactly as it did on the day the wrap as installed, or have it re-wrapped.

Q: How long will it take to install the wrap.

A:  It depends. An average car will take six to eight hours, but larger vehicles take more time. The shape of the car makes a difference since a car with more curves and angles will take more time than a car with a broader shape. That’s the average per car, too. So a fleet wrap will take significantly longer based on how many vehicles are in your fleet.

Q:Do they work as an advertising technique?

A: Absolutely. Large commercial wraps, fleet wraps, and vehicle wraps are all branding opportunities that help your business spread its name and get seen by large numbers of potential customers, every day.

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