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5 Ways Wall Graphics Will Benefit Your Local School

Wall graphics give students more spirit at sporting events!

We spend almost a quarter of our lives in school, from elementary school through college. Even if you move away from your hometown or college town, going back to your alma mater can be a nostalgic experience. Part of that nostalgia is the look and feel of your school, and the right wall graphics can foster a welcoming environment and promote the “true to your school” feeling.

School-Wide Identity

A collective identity is a motivator for students. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, collective identity provides a sense of belongingness. Humans in general are always looking for a group to identify with, whether it’s age group, gender, or ethnicity. A mascot is a common way that schools can unite their students in a collective group. Smart wall graphics that portray the students’ mascot showcases their collective identity and foster their sense of belongingness.

School Spirit

Wall graphics that portray mascots, logos, colors, slogans, or other iconic elements of the school or campus, foster school spirit for students and other visitors. School murals can exhibit how proud students are of their school. A survey by Varsit Brands also suggests that students with high school spirit are also top performers academically  and with extracurricular activities. 


Sports and school seem to go hand-in-hand. Sports events are a space that no matter what grades students have or what they’re studying, they can get together and cheer for their school. Cheerleading, school boosters, and pep rallies are all enhanced by wall graphics that portray mascots, motivating slogans, or core school values. A wall graphic will support the spread of positive energy around the school and therefore boost students morale.

School Values

Schools have a unique set of values and an individual culture from campus to campus. Wall graphics are a great way to reflect and enhance that uniqueness. When school values are visually displayed on walls, it can be customized to appeal to students.

Special Memories

Once a wall mural or graphic is placed on campus, it will be there for a very long time. While attending the school, students will see it every day and when they return when they’re older, the graphic will serve as a special memento.

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