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4 Typical Myths About Vehicle Graphics And Wraps

vehicle graphics wraps

Investing in vehicle graphics and wraps can boost your business!

As one of the most economical marketing techniques available, vehicle graphics and wraps continue to rise in popularity. In fact, seen as a new and creative branding tool, vehicle graphics and wraps are here to stay. However, there are some clashing opinions when it comes to what vehicles need wrapping. In addition, there are many misconceptions that seem to be commonplace regarding vehicle wrap and graphics. Here, we bust through some of those myths so that you understand the immense benefit that your business can gain with vehicle graphics and wraps.

Myth: You Are Unable To Wrap Leased Vehicles

One of the most common misconceptions is that leased vehicles are not wrappable. However, wrapping leased vehicles has also become commonplace. Many companies choose to lease their business or fleet vehicles. In fact, since leased vehicles are usually delivered with factory paint, applying vinyl wraps on them is easy to remove when your lease is up.

Myth: Vehicle Wraps Will Damage The Paint

This couldn’t be farther from the truth! In fact, vehicle wraps can protect your vehicle’s paint. Furthermore, if the paint is in good condition and fully cured, the vehicle wrap prevents UV light exposure which is the common cause of paint damage in vehicles.

Myth: It Is Extremely Hard To Remove Your Vehicle Wrap

To the contrary, vehicle wraps are made to be removable. In fact, most vehicle wrap companies use adhesive and vinyl wraps that are extremely easy to remove. All it takes is a little heat and you can seamlessly remove your vinyl wrap when the time comes.

Myth: Vehicle Graphics Are Unsafe

There is no harm that can be done from driving around in a car outfitted with vehicle graphics. In fact, the vehicle graphics on windows are made to be seen through.

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps for Your Car

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