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4 Common Types of Interior Graphics for Your Business

Window graphics are a form of interior graphics that can be seen from the outside and are generally used to post business information and advertise current sales!

The appearance of your business is the first thing people notice when they walk in and often plays a part in their decision to come back or not. First impressions are so important, so you want your business to look welcoming and also reflect your brand. If you are looking for a way to spruce up the look of your business, here are four common types of interior graphics.

Floor Graphics

The great thing about floor graphics is that they are so versatile in their usage. People almost always look down at some point when they are walking, so it’s hard to miss eye catching floor graphics. You may choose to just use your floor graphics to add a unique decoration to your business. However, floor graphics are great to use as a creative directional tool for large, complex buildings, making it easy for your consumers to navigate through the building. Floor graphics can also be used to promote a current sale and guide consumers in that direction.

Wall Graphics

If you want to keep the floors simple and free of design, then wall graphics may be the better option for you. These interior graphics require less maintenance than floor graphics because people aren’t constantly walking on top of them. Wall graphics are another great way to enhance your business aesthetic or promote current sales. However, wall graphics are good for enhancing your brand image and values, with visuals that reflect what your brand is about.

Window Graphics

If you are looking for interior graphics that can still be seen from the exterior of your business, window graphics are the perfect solution. They are installed inside so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged from various weather elements. Window graphics are mainly used for posting important business information and advertising current promotions.


Business signage is a good option for those who want graphics that are easy to move around and change. Signage is simply any type of sign that you can put up inside of your business. Interior business signage is generally used to advertise current promotions because they are so easy to switch out.

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