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3 Typical Kinds of Banner Stands

Here are three of these kinds of banner stands that you will typically come across.

Whether you are looking for signage for events, trade shows, or your storefront, banner stands are a great option. But there are many different types of banner stands that fall under different categories. Here are three of these kinds of banner stands that you will typically come across.


Like the name suggests, the simple banner stand is the most basic type and, therefore, the most common. You will see it in a variety of locations, from events to shopping centers. A simple banner stand consists of just the banner itself on a frame. It can be an A-frame setup, easel stand, or mounted on the wall. Simple banner stands are the easiest to install, but keep in mind that they are mostly ideal for indoor use.


A flexi banner stand is interesting because it gives you the opportunity to incorporate more than one banner into your display. A flexi banner stand does this by using a more flexible frame. Flexi banner stands are very popular for large spaces, like trade shows, conventions, and airports. They might be a bit trickier to set up, but you can have flexi banner stands for temporary outdoor use.

Pole & Retractable

Pole banner stands also have a self-explanatory name in the sense that they use a pole as their main support. These are usually considered easy to moderate difficulty to set up depending on how many pieces of your frame that you have to put together. A variation of the pole stand is the retractable banner stand. The banner is built into part of the frame, and it retracts into this piece for easy storage.

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